"The major problem people have in their career is very few of them have a system, process, method or formula for managing their conversations."

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Question #1: What's stopping you from making more money?

Answer: Your conversations.

Question #2: What's preventing you from getting more opportunity?

Answer: Your conversations.

Question #3: Why aren't you earning more respect from your peers?

Answer: Your conversations.

Question #4: Why are you having to work so hard?

Answer: Your conversations.

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"Over the course of my 30-year career, I've worked in marketing, sales, training, and relationship management in the financial services industry.

I've become a legend for my many accomplishments, awards and results. I've mentored and coached and trained thousands of people.

I wrote a book called Conversations: How to manage Your Business Relationships One Conversation at a Time.

And now I'm taking on the challenge of building a place of higher learning for the art and science of conversation leadership and management."

-Ivan Farber, Founder of Conversations Academy

“Under the tutelage and mentorship of Ivan, I learned the priceless skill and practice of powerful communication. Before this opportunity, I thought these intangibles were unteachable. Studying with Ivan will simply make you a more formidable human, both in business and in life.” 


— Derek Shanahan, Strategic Partnerships Director @ Juniper Square

"There is no skill more important than the ability to be effective in conversations."

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“I have known Ivan for over 20 years and brought his ideas and coaching into several companies. If you need a coach that will help you improve yourself and take your game to the next level—look no further. He provides access to an abundance of ideas, wisdom and practical strategies that I use every day. He is the best coach I have ever worked with.”


— Michael Van Sant, Founder and Wealth Advisor of Sustainable Life Balance

What you get as a member of Conversations Academy:

  •    Virtually delivered group coaching
  •    A venue to practice and improve your skills
  •    Assignments to apply concepts in your real life and career
  •    An exclusive members-only online forum 
  •    Access to the Academy’s courses, lectures, labs and programs
  •    Feedback, motivation and inspiration for self-improvement
  •    Game-changing ideas, strategies, tactics and distinctions
  •    Networking with, and support from, a community of like-minded professionals
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“Ivan has been an inspiration to me for many years. His infectious enthusiasm and belief in others has made him a trusted advisor to many including myself. His encouragement, pragmatism and energy always helped me reach new heights in my own endeavors. A genuine person, and a true professional—if he’s on your team you’re already ahead!”


—Jonathan Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, Thrive

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Option #1: Trial and Error on Your Own

Option #2: Join Conversations Academy

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“Ivan Farber is brilliant! If you want to be a better leader, manager, salesperson, or entrepreneur, his programs will help you succeed.” 


— Sarah Victory, Award Winning Speaker, Best Selling Author, Double Your Business, Double Your Impact, Change the World